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Spread information responsibly, says Khairy

The 2015 World Bloggers and Social Media Awards ceremony story...

Spread information responsibly, says Khairy

KUALA LUMPUR: Social media practitioners should be genuine, inclusive and credible in spreading information, said Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin.

He said in line with society nowadays having high access to technology, anything written by social media will be shared with a larger number of readers.

"Social media practitioners need to ensure the proper facts in order to make sure people get the right information," he said in his speech at the World Bloggers and Social Media Awards.

Also present were President and Founder of Malaysia Social Media Chambers, Shahul Hameed and the Vice President, M. Ezzat Emir.

Khairy said social media should always make sure they engage with community and respond in real time if there is an issue that is raised by the community.

"Readers now like never before, they can respond immediately if there is an issue and social media practitioners should always be prepared to answer in real times," he said.

At the ceremony the Star Online was chosen as the Best Online News (English) while Harian Metro was selected as the Best Online News (Bahasa Melayu).

Actress, Nora Danish chosen as the Social Media Celebrity of The Year for being active on social media with almmost 1.8 milion followers on Instagram, 1.49 milion (Twitter) and 365,933 likes (Facebook).

Counseling teacher, Asma Ahmad won the Best News Blog for bloggers category through her blog

Other winners were:

Squall Chin Ze Kheng for Best Foodie Blog Category (, 

Kamarul Azwan for Best Gadget and Technology Blog (, 
Leo Lim for Best Gossip and Entertainment Blog (
and Mohd Izhar for Best Lifestyle Blog( ).

Also winning were :
Tarmizi Md Shukri for Best Photography Blog (, 
Siti Zahidah Hussin for Best Shopping Blog (, 
Melastik Bintang for Best Sports Blog (
and Muhamad Afif for Best Travel Blog, ( 


Source: The Sun, Click here.



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