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Securities Commission Malaysia Scholarship Awards 2016

Securities Commission Malaysia Scholarship Awards 2016

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) welcomes applications from outstanding individuals with leadership qualities and a strong academic standing. 

As a regulator and developer of the Malaysian capital market, we are committed towards nurturing young talents with the potential to excel in these disciplines:

• Accounting
• Actuarial Science
• Business Administration
• Commerce
• Economics
• Finance
• International Business
• Law

A fulfilling and enriching career filled with opportunities to significantly contribute to the growth of Malaysia’s capital market awaits those who successfully complete their studies. Make the best of your talents and chart your career path with the capital market regulator by taking the first step: secure a scholarship with the SC.

Closing Date :
16 March 2016, 5.00pm.

Basic eligibility criteria :
A. Pre-university scholarships
For pre-university courses at recognised local educational institutions (A-Levels, foundation, matriculation and diploma courses).
• Minimum 9As in SPM 2015
• Below 19 years of age.

B. Tertiary scholarships
For first degree courses at top universities locally and for twinning programmes.
• Minimum 3As and 1B+ in STPM 2015, or
• 3As in A-levels, or
• 40 points in International Baccalaureate, or
• A 3.5 CGPA at Diploma/Matriculation level.

Other requirements :
• Excellent verbal and written proficiency in English and Bahasa Melayu
• Active in extra-curricular activities and sports
• Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
• Not presently holding other scholarships/loans
• A strong understanding of the capital market is an advantage

Application Process :
• The SC scholarship covers full academic fees, books, subsistence and other miscellaneous allowances. Conditional offers may be given to candidates who have successfully gained admission into a top institution/university.
• All SC scholars are required to serve the SC for a stipulated period upon the completion of their tertiary education.
Submit your applications here by Wednesday, 16 March 2016*, 5.00pm.

• Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
* Given past experience, we anticipate that many candidates will attempt to submit their online application materials very close to the submission deadline. 

To avoid heavy server traffic and potential delays, we require candidates to register by Sunday, 13 March 2016, and submit all supporting materials for the scholarship application by Wednesday, 16 March 2016, before 5.00pm.

Contact Details :
Tel : 603-6204 8000 or 
e-mail :



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